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Can I buy a website and make copies of it?
Each website you purchase is only permitted to be used on one domain name. If you want to use a website on several different domains, then you will need to purchase the same website for each domain name.

Can I resell your websites?
Most Definately! Buy any website you want from us, throw a domain on it, sell it and come back and do it again and again!

When will I get my website(s)?
Once we have verified your payment, we will request the domain name(s) from you where you are putting the website(s). Once we have this information, we will either email you the files or send you a download link, depending on the size your website order. A lot of free email services restrict the size of incoming mail and on occasion we have to provide you with a download link.

Can I get web hosting for the site I buy at any web hosting company I choose?
Yes. Any web site you purchase from us can go on any web hosting account!

Will you install my web site, and if so, when?
Yes we will install your selected site(s) should you order installation service from us.
As far as when we will install your site, it depends on a couple of things. Once we have received your payment, we will contact you and request information from you. We will need to know where you want us to install the web site along with any pertinent information related to the site. For example a google adsense number, paypal email address if the site requires etc. Once you provide us the proper information, we will then install the web site for you. From the time we receive your details, installation is usually completed within 24 hours.

What are the web hosting requirements for your web sites?
Linux Hosting (unless otherwise specified)
PHP 4 and higher
MySql (99.99% of hosts have this)
PHPmyadmin (99.99% of hosts have this)
Zend Optimizer (99.99% of hosts have this)

What payment methods do you accept for the web sites for sale?
We accept all major credit cards. If you want to pay by paper check or money order, please contact us for instructions.

What other costs are there other than the cost of the web site?
Your only additional cost would be web hosting and that can vary depending on where you host your web site (s). We recommend web hosting your web site with especially if you have more than one web site. With their deluxe hosting account, you can host UNLIMITED WEB SITES all on one account for just $8.99 per month. All of their web hosting plans meet all the requirements you need, plus you get a lot of extras and 24/7 telephone and email support.


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